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Community-based food upcycling

Regrain aims to drive a circular economy, through community engagement, innovative natural products (food and handmade soap bars) from agri-food sidestreams, and raising awareness for what goes into our everyday products.

Life Cycle of Spent Grain

Why spent grain soap bars?

Every year, 16 million Kg of brewery spent grains, which contain various nutrients such as antioxidants, protein, and fiber, are discarded in Ontario (The Spent Goods Company). 

The residual sugar in spent grain helps the finished soaps become more foamy when used.

Antioxidants from spent grain may help brighten skin (Article), and the high protein content may help strengthen skin and hair (Spike Brewing). 

Natural bar soaps are zero waste, and are made of readily biodegradable ingredients that are both better for your body and environment (CitizenSustainable). Homemade soaps are also gentler then store-bought soaps and may be beneficial to those with sensitive skin.

Innovation is about making change, we’re commited to doing it in a sustainable and meaningful way!

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