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Research & Development of Sustainable Plant-based products and ingredients

Reimagining Food Waste.

Food industry is one of the biggest contributors of climate change. In particular, food waste accounts for 6%-8% of all human-caused greenhouse gas emissions (World Wildlife Fund 2023), and is in need of innovative solutions. 

At Biophyter, we are helping food and beverage processors uncovering the power of their plant-based byproducts by repurposing them into sustainable ingredients and products while driving community climate action. 

Crushed grains

Our Goals

Sustainable Ingredients
Clean label ingredients using without the use of harmful solvents
Regrain Community Project
Engaging the community in food waste upcycling initiatives
Food & Beverage byproducts upcycling
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Chengye Yang (MSc.)

Chengye came up with biophyter while working at a food manufacturer and seeing first-hand how large amounts of minimally-processed produce is wasted everyday. As a scientist, she looks to apply her research skills to create social impact.

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